Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ovens and their doors

Last night Dave made a delicious 3/4 course meal for our landlord and his mother. We were all forced to eat an amazing amount of a variety of foods, from smoked 'clam', home grown zucchini, herb bread, island Lamb and his very special chocolate pecan nut pie. It was a super evening with lots of laughs. John brought a friends homemade Pinot Noir wine, which was soft and pale and gentle and a great aid to conversation. (He insisted on sticking to beer, I wonder why?)

But that set us up well for today, when we had to go into the Community Centre, (i.e. Hospital) so they could take our blood, just as a baseline, so if we get sick they know what we were like before? Ummm. Still, the main problem was we were not allowed to eat or drink first! But we had had enough supper to carry us through to coffee afterwards, or almost anyway.

There are still a few left overs for us to have for lunch today. So at least we can make up for the blood lost. But any excuse will do!


  1. Barb, the night sounds like it was fun. Left overs to recover from fasting and a blood test, nice one.