Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping in the Woods

Paddy, James and Clare went off into the wilderness to camp and fish for 2 days. They left after lunch yesterday, and we fetched them in time to wash and eat before going off to sing with the choir today.

They camped at a wonderful site, close to the beach, but sheltered in the trees, with a well used fire pit. It is a half an hour walk from where I am prepared to drive the car to, so Dave and I went along with a fresh loaf of bread at lunch time today, to help them carry back.

It appears that they had a good time, had fun camping out and cooking 'roo' over the open fire.

Paddy and Clare did a lot of hiking, but did not find the routes they were planning to climb, but James caught 3 Wrasse, 2 of very good size, so he is happy.

He and I minced them up for the cats tonight, who let us know, in no uncertain terms, that they much prefer their fish freshly minced, and not bulk minced and then frozen.

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  1. You did warn them to stay away from the Drop Bear colony, didn't you? They get pretty rancorous as Spring approaches and they leave hibernation.