Sunday, July 4, 2010

A door into summer

Petronius the arbiter (IIRC) was the Heinlein's cat-character in THE DOOR INTO SUMMER -- a cat that insisted on touring all the door s of the house to find the one that led to the place that had no snow.

Snow is rare here, but a door out of the rain has been possible. A couple of days ago, during breakfast it rained in the back yard... and not in the front. It was literally possible to walk out and get rained on in the back garden, and walk out onto dry grass in the front, with edge of the rain half way along the house. It went on like that for a good 15 minutes.

'Scattered showers' on Flinders is not just a weather-man cop out. When we were looking at the weather information about Flinders and looking at the numbers of sunny and overcast days... It becomes obvious that in winter about 10 days a month are either sunny or cloudy. The rest are both.

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  1. Here in Seattle, USA--an area (in)famous for its rain--the weather forecast sometimes calls for "sunbreaks". I'd never heard this term before I moved here. "Sunbreaks" are to sunshine what "scattered showers" are to rain.