Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dave is home!

The winter weather arrived again today. We had wind and rain, and a little hail, so we are topping up our water tanks nicely, which I am really pleased about.

One of the things I find bewildering here are the flowers. Gilbert and Sullivan said 'the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la, have nothing to do with the case' in one of their operetta's but here the flowers are blooming and it is still mid winter, we are still getting frosts, for goodness sake. Yet the daffodils, roses, daisies, and many others are out in force! I just don't get it. Still, it certainly makes mid winter very beautiful.

I took the kids today to go and cut a friend's hedge. Mostly because I wanted to play with their electric hedge trimmer. Clare also enjoyed using it, so the boys were reduced to the chainsaw and the shears. Still I hope the owners feel that their hedge looks better, it is certainly shorter, but the comment made was 'the difference between a good and a bad cut is about a week!' so hopefully it will grow back.

Paddy had made us chocolate bread for lunch, which was delicious with blackcurrant jam, and gave us the energy to deal with the garden work. Then we went and met a young wombat, called Julia. She was really cute, and a lot heavier for her size than I had expected. She was determined to burrow into Clare's jersey with her head, really sweet!

Then Dave landed safely back on the island, and we heard all about the GPS taking him on a scenic route, while he was trying to rush back to be in time to catch his flight. Anyway he made it, and we have a final few days with the whole family together.


  1. Yes. Wombats are much denser than most people imagine. Probably in both senses of the word.

  2. A name is the only difference between a pet and supper.

  3. It's hard to remember, but I can't think of a time when my roses didn't bloom in Adelaide. I still have quite a few juice jugs filled with the dried rose petals. I made pot-pourri in cross-stitched bags as presents for my bridesmaids, and still have tons left. Maybe one of these days...

  4. The roses were not blooming when we arrived in January, or I did not see them blooming until a few weeks ago. But John took his boat out of our garage, and I did not even notice the space, so I am not a reliable witness.

  5. Here on the Riviera daffs and roses are often out in January which would be the Northern hemisphere equivalent of now.

  6. Every time I scroll past your picture of the white daffodils in the grass and trees, I do a double-take. It always looks like a painting of some imagined landscape somewhere, and I think, "where did I see that painting? Oh, no, it's not a painting, it's a photo on Flinders!" Beautiful shot.