Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trying to do too much at once...

First the good news - all that B seems to have wrong with her is treatable with some more folate - I suspect it was more due to stress and the change in diet. We're all very relieved.

What with the kids here, good weather AND trying to do the first draft edit, and a rush on the proof-read of the short story in FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES life has been a bit a bit too full. They all went off to Trousers Point and managed one more leatherjacket, and then squidding - and got 6, this evening without me, and without the camera. Sniff. Poor me. Still, we have done some other good things - the gate has real hinges, and while B doctored, and meals-on-wheels the wood shed has I think about a month's cut logs drying (just drying rain-wet off them - it's all old wood.) Clare did some morning brushcutter weilding, and we got the second carpet under the bookcases. The dogs enjoyed some roo (well, wallaby)-bones.

I've got a mint plant, finally, thanks to Rosemary (poor lady was rather bemused at us discussing the physics of the relative temperatures of heaven and hell. Um. Welcome to the Freer family and their idea of entertainment.) This, with the parsley makes for my simple version of salsa verde (there are as many recipes as there are pages in most novels) which is wonderful with fish and meat and for dipping fresh bread into.

And tomorrow some of us will go diving for crayfish. Maybe even me.


  1. I'm so relieved to hear that B is okay. What a wonderful relief for you all. You've come so far and achieved so much, may you all be able to continue for many years to come.

  2. Great news about Barbs' tests; thanks for posting that.

    So, with all this fishing, I hope the hordes are catching more than they eat and refilling the freezer. -- and where, pray tell, did the wallaby bones come from? You haven't mentioned hunting dry-land prey.

    So very odd to realize that it's mid-winter there. We are enjoying a wonderful July week of tropical-storm-mediated clouds and rain, temps in the (low!) 90°s (about 33°C). Soon enough it will head back up to the 100°s (40°C -- 104°F -- is not at all unknown).

  3. Thank God, so happy re. Barbs' news!!! Whew.

    Clare sounds terribly useful, suggest Paddy hangs on to her! :-D

  4. The wallaby came from a lady who does not shoot, but likes squid, and has someone who gives it to her for her dog. So we give her squid, and get RED MEAT in return. We also tried her on some abalone, but it was too rich for her, and gave her some of our minced fish for her cat, who was apparently very rude about it. So squid it is!

    At the moment our little freezer is groaning, it is soo full. Unfortunately mostly with food Paddy is allergic to, Clare is going to be eating an amazing amount of shellfish as soon as he leaves us. (I really do not want him to go, I am going to miss them all so much!)

  5. So, Barbs was exfoliating? Good news -- now you get to tell her to eat her veggies! And the wallaby is squid-pro-quo? What fun...

  6. Apparently Vegemite is full of folate!