Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Isle of Daves.

Last time I counted I ran out fingers and toes twice before I'd even made a dent in the available Christian names starting with A out there, let alone all the rest of the alphabet (and that's without Moonunit and Snoopy - which come under the heading of cruel and unusal punishments to inflict on kids IMO - and all the Rainbows and Minnesota and other such adopted names). It is therefore statistically improabable that an Island with somewhere around 800 people, with a distinctly skew sex ratio (more women than men - women-islanders think 80 is begining to edge onto middle-aged. The men can't take the pace as well.)... so call it 350 males, would apparently have 32 Davids (Daves, Dave-o etc). When I was at Uni, I knew 3 David - and I knew everyone and his dog spot. Writing sf/fantasy the numbers go to 7. Here... 32. That's creeping toward 10% of the male population have one Christian name - which you could MAYBE understand if it was a family name in a traditional, conservative area.
But of the 7 I know personally... 3 are newcomers from across the world, like Victoria (far-off furrin parts) and the US and South Africa.

This is of course a conspiracy that all of you non-Davids aren't in on. Sorry and all that, but word is out on the Dave-web that the place that Davids can finally enjoy a davish lifestyle and the company of other Daves... is here.


  1. Of *course* it's a conspiracy...


  2. I work for a 5-6 person company (depending on how you count a parttimer). 2 out of 5 are called David

  3. Watch out for falling Goliaths?

  4. Apocryphal possibly. A bus carrying the Welsh Male Choir from Treorchy was denied entry to Russia during the cold war. The guards refused to believe that 83% were called Dai.

    Select the members of the Flinders' clog dancing team carefully if you contemplate touring Iran.