Thursday, July 29, 2010

Far too close for comfort.

That's what is left of a squid jig after Roland decided it smelled good (ie. stinky) and he'd chew it. The observant among you may note the keel is missing (lead, not good to eat, and the double row of barbless hooks at the back. The tackle box got fished out of the back of the ute and put on the ground in the garage, clearing it out the way for Clare's bag. This morning some bright dog scattered the contents in the hope of something tasty. And Roland decided to chew this. I went cold when I saw him and it - searched his mouth and throat - was terrified he'd swallowed it. (on the plus side - no barbs. On the down side a ring of sharp spikes, which would inflict damage and could easily obstruct, especially if it faced the wrong way.

You'll be relieved to know I found it in the silly bloody dog's paw, where, as it is barbless, minimal harm to remove. Total damage one squid jig and a few small holes in someone's idiotic paw.

There is now a shelf in the garage, too high for dogs. And the gear from the table outside (not above bad labrador reach) has been cleared.

In the meanwhile the cats are being most 'omgekrap' about Clare having left them. They treated her very well, and sometimes gave her as much as two minutes off. It's so HARD to get good staff these days

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  1. Glad to hear Roland is all right. Tripp's toys and my shoes seem to be the desired flavour for our Dot Dog.