Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Morning in the bowl of night'

Out in the dark on the black, choppy water with the wind and tide pushing my little Kayak further out to sea (you may set nets one hour before sunup)... I was scared. Complete woos. I dropped the net anchor and bouy and streamed the net WAY too close to shore. Anyway, no problem paddling back and not even a major issue hauling (I missed the net-bouy as the kayak as I was moving too fast first pass, had to paddle back against the wind and tide to get there,) but it all worked OK, and my nerves were those of a wary old man. Well, I suppose I have reasons to be like that.

And I caught seaweed. Humph.

Anyway we had a great breakfast on the beach, watched the sunrise. B and Clare seemed to enjoy it. B had quite a different take on it on the blog. I guess I don't like failing. Ah well. By 8.30 I was back at my desk. Clare took a 20km cycle up near Pillingers peak - in the rain. For me: Editing continues. And a dawn like this is always a balm for the soul.


  1. I'm guessing no lights on shore? We used to go flounder gigging in Pamlico Sound from Hatteras and sometimes we would loose sight of lights and it would get scary, even though we _knew_ we were really in a gigantic lagoon and couldn't get swept to sea.

    In a sea kayak with no motor and no instruments. Jeepers!

    Might try setting out a few lanterns at some key point to give you reference.

  2. We put an LED light in a tree or our vehicle when we are floundering, but the dawn was not quite dark enough for us to think of doing so. We will learn for next time.

    That is the wonder of our life here, there is so much we have already done, and so, so much still to do, to learn and to experience.