Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have found it!

Yesterday we had a really busy day, starting with another dawn breakfast on the beach, followed by clamming, squiding and wood collecting.

Unfortunately the fields we cross to get to the wood were wet. So we were taken to a new area to cut some old fallen trees. We could not get our 'on road' ute to the trees, so John arrived in the cutest little off road golf cart 4 x 4, to show us where to go, and to carry the wood back for us. Wow, it is AWESOME. Top speed 40km, with no windows so you can hunt from it, but with a grid behind the seat, so if you overload the back the wood can't slide to join you on steep downhills, (which we proved). it is the one on the right side of the picture, if you want to see what I am raving about. Just perfect to take us to the beach, and we can load the catch on the back. Apparently we can licence them here, but only for 10kms from home in each direction. Never mind the boat, this is what we really need.

Today Dave and Clare are climbing the cliffs, and then we are off to Scottish dancing tonight. Certainly we have had no time to get bored here yet.


  1. The RTV 500 is quite popular around here. You can't license them here so you see a lot of them on trailers going to Deer Camp in the fall. Which may account for their popularity because they are light weight enough to be easily trailered.

  2. This was the first one I have ever seen, but lots of farmers may use them, and we have just not spotted them.