Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strzelecki and Scottish dancing

We started the day with the collating shuffle for the Island news (which is enough excercise for most people.) We then cam home, went to Trousers Point (the photograph is of Trouser's Point bay, looking up at Mt. Strzelecki mountain) dropped James to fish, and walked up Mount Strzelecki(756 meters - and you start pretty close to sea level.

It's worth it, even if Paddy got attacked by the same tree going up and back and - when I pointed out he nettles said 'where' and fell into them. It's hereditary I suspect.

The veiw from the top is unbelievable - I took about 140 pics - Besides I got to stop, when taking them. The route is supposed to take 5 hours and we did it in 3 and 3/4 -including a long stop at the top. (BTW, Alison, note Clare in shorts and a T-shirt) The youths would have taken another 3/4 off that I reckon - but for my 'photographic' stops.

Then we came down, I cooked supper and then we went scottish dancing... (as much excercise again) now I am going to fall into bed.


  1. Beautiful.

    BTW do you know why Trousers POint is so named. Did someone lose their trousers there?

  2. I lost my pants, on Trouser's Point...

    And then I went Scottish dancing, with a kilt and a highland fling!

    (run, duck, and grin...)

  3. So you legged it to Trouser’s Point, didn’t slack the pace, zipped up the hill, panting heavily. The breeches in the clouds let in the sun, quite a turn-up for the book. Got home dying for a knickerbocker glory but it wasn’t sundae.

    In short, another glorious day on Flinders.

  4. No, no one knows, or is not telling outsiders, why the point has the name. Whether trousers were lost or found, or abandoned there, we do not know. But any more puns gladly accepted, just please keep Paddy away from them.

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