Thursday, July 15, 2010

Late nights and Scottish dancing

We've been doing incomprehensible dances - well, possiblibly merely to me. We had a muttonbird barbie earlier - and James seeing as it was men coughing around some cremating meat in good South African style, fetched beer and got out his Notebook and played 'Delarey Delarey' - which is all quite funny - the brave sound of the DISTANT drum -- as you'd never have got me to do drink beer and cook wors and tjops and listen Bok van Blerk(?) back in South Africa. But Boags is nicer than Castle, and Clare enjoyed her pot-bread, green sauce and mutton-bird.


  1. Boags is a fine, fine thing. But... what, precisely, is "Bok van Blerk"?

  2. It's an Afrikaans folk singer. Delarey is by way of being an ancestor being sung about same :-)