Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dave and the dogs.

Dave is down in Hobart, and phoned to say he had arrived safely. I hope that his talk goes well.

The dogs have got really soft coats at the moment. We are feeding them Aus dog food, which may be better quality than they are used to, minced fish, and a broth made from whatever bones we have, chicken, muttonbird or fish. So something is doing a good job on their coats.

Maybe it is just that the food comes from the hardware shop, rather than the supermarket as I am used to.

The boys had a wonderful parent free day today, doing a tour of some of the less accessable island beach with some friends. It sounds as if they had a good day.


  1. The local dog groomer here recommends we feed our dogs a good quality dog food mixed with sardines in oil for good skin and hair.

    So it probably is a combination of the food and fish ;)

  2. Lately I've been giving Bart D. Dawg (1/2 Rottie 1/2 Boxer) the oil from my tuna fish. I've been eating a lot of it lately because of some dental issues. Usually I give him the grease from the meat I fry.

    His "hot spots" are bothering him less.

    I didn't correlate that until you mentioned it. Thanks! Looks like Mr. Dawg will be getting a can of tuna every so often.

  3. Naw, naw, blame it on the rain water rinses they've been getting. At least I remember my sisters and their friends saying that rain water rinses were the way to go to get soft hair. Besides, that gives you an excuse for that wet dog smell... we're just rinsing the dog so that his (or her) fur gets softer :-)

  4. The rainwater here is fine, and what we happily drink without boiling. The water that is in our outside taps, that we use for the garden is vile, and I would hate to put it on the dogs. It definitely would not make their fur soft, more like add dandruff! As the salt would encrust their skin!