Monday, August 16, 2010

Am Being Dung in...

B's eye is considerably improved today.

The plot to make liquid manure out of yesterday's dung collection was foiled by the Dear Liza syndrome - there is a HOLE in my very large bucket, and as I industriously filled it, dungy water piddled out onto my feet. Fortunately, the feet were well covered in my gum-boots (which have grown a lot, since.). Anyway, plan B needs to wait on a less holy... holey container. I put humus-rich soil and water in my seed trays (bottom of plastic milk bottles) and put them in a plastic bag and sterilised them in the microwave. B asked what on EARTH I was doing and I said I was recreating the famous dish mentioned by Roald Dahl in James and the Giant peach - 'a plate of soil with engine oil' but as I didn't have any engine oil I was trying it with water instead. She has a hard time, having to live with me, poor lass.

Tomato seed have been planted, so let's hope for a little germination, despite the weather (seeds and seed trays are indoors). I hear there is snow on Tassie, down to 200 metres I think they said. Well, furrin far off parts are like that. Here we have just had WIND. Temps between 9 and 11. I've done a little outdoor work (almost filled the new raised bed) but it is miserable out there. I need to contrive some dog-keep-out and wind-keep-out still.

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  1. Here's a cartoon that immediately made me think of you. :0

    It's a cartoon here in the states called "Non Sequitur" by a fellow named Wiley. Quite clever.