Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, I've picked the net clean of seaweed. I haven't packed it yet. A net, well packed will stream from a crate. A net badly packed will tangle. It's a 2 person job and either rain or lack of another person got in the way of plan A. I do so wonder about so many self-sufficiency initiatives simply fail because they're hard to do alone - It really does take a couple - or more to do so many jobs fast. And that is the key to all of this - getting it done fast and efficiently. I want a higher quality of life not four hours of chicken plucking / olive cutting / fish mincing. There is a compromise of course between just buying it from the supermarket, where it will be expenisve and lousy quality compared to your own stuff, and being a full-time peasant farmer. I've always been one for taking mundane jobs to the simplest and quickest possible way of doing them - and that means- for me - power tools and compromises. It's a case of balancing money against what we'd like to do. I suppose in many ways we're a bit daft, and have gone ahead and done them anyway - selling up and emigrating, deciding to come to this island of all places (expensive to get to, expensive to get off, expensive to get materials that have to come by sea or air), deciding that we were honour bound to bring our dogs and cats etc... good decisions for the heart, lousy for the pocket and maybe a bit low on common sense.
But at least there are two of us, doing it.

Tomorrow I go in to have my cholesterol follow up blood taken - it's been six months.

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