Monday, August 9, 2010

The jig is up.

No, nothing to do with Scottish dancing!

We went for an earlyish morning fish this morning at the wharf, and the sea was so clear it was like fishing in an aquarium. Unfortunately the fish could see our bait for what is was and left it strictly alone. But we could see that someone had lost a jig off the end of the wharf, so Dave fished for it. Once he had hooked it, I netted it, and we are now 1 jig richer. It is nearly new, and a good catch. Unfortunately its main colour is pink, while I find the blue jig works better for me, but I am not going to look an extra jig in the shade. Ummm, maybe I didn't say that quite right.

Anyway, we did go down to Trousers Point later in the morning, and catch 1 Wrasse, so at least we got a feed for the cats if not for us! And Dave collected a few days worth of firewood, so we can be warm, as well.

The last few days have been colder than earlier in the winter, and we had quite a lot of sun today, as well as a 7mm short shower of rain, which was not good for the washing, but great for the fields which are needing rain.

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