Wednesday, August 25, 2010

nets and hooligan cats.

Batman - he of the twitching tail and serious (even for a cat) attitude problems has decided that today is hooligan day. And that it was never too late to have a happy childhood. He's been yowling growling pouncing and playing. It could have been fresh minced fish. I am more lacerated than I need to be, and I do not think my legs are tree trunks.

This morning involved a getting down to all the things we were too tired to deal with yesterday, ergo, mincing fish and roo and washing wetsuits and cleaning the net. Hmm. Well everything got done bar the net, which got hung out, but it kept raining every time I set out to pick the seaweed out of it. I dropped an e-mail to Haverford nets (the net-sales in Australia are NOT net savvy. All I want is prices, and delivery cost and I'm there, a customer. And firstly they're not easy to find, and secondly they're not easy to order over net from. Anyway, this crowd seemed to have what I wanted, now if they can reply to their post. Eric wanted a time schedule for the events in the book I've just turned in - which is now called BURDENS OF THE DEAD, and O'Mike wanted to talk about new book proposals. Pads and James and Clare all talked to me via the net. And actually I don't seem to have achieved a lot of other writing today. Ah well, onward.


  1. Have you considered a casting net? I've used ones with 1/4" mesh to catch tiny fish. We use them for bait here, I don't think I'm up for whitebait.

    Net purchasing might be a good activity during your trip to Worldcon.

    Does the new title refer to a return to Corfu?

  2. Hi Dave
    There is a really big fishing supplier in my town., have a look, if anything interests you unless it's huge I can bring it down. It's a possibility and if it's not what you want I can return it.