Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing old disgracefully.

So this is what 51 feels like. Honestly I barely feel a day older than 50.

We took the dogs on their first expedition to the beach and Puggle's cruciate is troubling him for it, poor baby. But oh what joy. We were all very uncertain and not at all sure if this was going to be a treat or a nasty, and a little subdued in the ute. And then... running and glee and snurfles. Puggles did too much despite our trying to keep it short. But it was their first bit of 'free' Australia, and they truly loved it.

And then we've had a day of visitors - 8 or so this morning and then writers circle this afternoon. And cake. Lots of cake. Tomorrow looks like more of the same.


  1. "Honestly I barely feel a day older than 50."

    I had that same epiphany on Epiphany. I always wonder, though, why the Orthodox Church throws a big feast day on my birthday. I appreciate it and all...but it's a little embarassing.

  2. Happy belated B-day, oh Monkey. Glad that you were able to let the pups out of the fence if only for a bit.

  3. Hi Dave
    Hope you had a great birthday :)


  4. Such HAPP-EE DOGS! make me feel happy too. There's nothing like watching dogs be happy, although the last time I watched ours getting too happy along the river, I had to stop them being SO HAPP-EE as they were exhausted. But good times were had by all. In contrast, cats do the sleeping thing very well.

    More cake for Dave! Send in the coconuts!

  5. Oh they were such happy dogs, and Puggle is much better today

  6. Thank you all. And Quilly, I suspect the Greek Orthodox church where just celebrating the fact you were American and not Greek ;-p

  7. Hmmm.... Missed sending ewe a hippo bird-day, but here it is. :)