Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post-birthday tireds.

Well, dearie me, we had a rather restive night with the stress of my b-day having got to B and her having ulcer type aches and pains. It's been about 8 months since the last episode and about that or more to the previous one. She did whole antibiotic thing some years ago and it was pretty positive, but it may be recurring. I wish she'd save it for something worth stressing about! My idea of the perfect pressie and birthday is my B wrapped in a pink ribbon. (Thinks) Maybe that's enough to cause stress! Ah well. I would be content with my dogs, a call from my sons, and the cats demanding to know why the service is so slow in this joint, and a hug from B. Our rock is here, and we're in Australia, on the island, working slowly toward a home.

Anyway, lack of sleep, I am a bit slowed-up today. Some Celtic myth research. Some log-cutting, and some log splitting, and a great afternoon chatting to our quick-minded doctor, who it turns out reads hard SF like Arthur C Clarke. I choose to live out here, and I like the people - but occassionally it very pleasant to slip back into that esoteric almost-Uni-typical level of debate that isn't about fish or veggies. Stirs the brain a bit, which I need before Worldcon. The island really does pull all sorts to it. It is almost like it chooses the people, not they choose it.

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  1. Happy Birthday dear David,
    Any help with researching the celtic myths would be happily provided. Beware of the looming mid-life crisis!

    Have you thought of getting Barbs screened for coeliac disease? It may just explain her recurrent abdominal complaints, and maybe even her recent abnormal blood results. It only involves a blood test. Elena was only recently diagnosed.

    Gio, Elena and the kids