Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hmm. Let's see. Edited in changes. Saw the guy who had come back to look for his multimeter. Edited in changes. Tried to call the guy at Immigration and citizenship about our two young lovebirds. Left a message. Edited in changes. Cooked rolls in the 'new' oven. Hmm. Well, not so great, but I shall learn. Dealt with the guy from Telstra. Edited in changes. Tried again again to get hold the I&C guy. Left message. Edited in changes. I wish I was not so hopelessly slow at editing. I am now at 160 of 283. Cooked quick supper. Edited in changes. Went to Scottish dancing. Too tired and got more wrong than usual - more-or-less everything. Writing hasty boring blog post, a couple more pages, and then bed.


  1. Hi Dave & Barbs

    Now which I&C is that, it sounds very familiar. Mind you, here they are called Home Affairs I think. They went on strike recently and no-one noticed.

    While you two have been doing some real work I have spent a week of three developing our new website, our previous developer dumped us after 9 years, well actually they are changing business focus. Have a squizz and let me know what you think. At 66 setting up a new website sure beats sitting at home staring, rheumy eyed, into the middle distance wondering why I didn't put more into my retirement scheme all those years ago !!

    I would put the url up here but I don't to incur your wrath over ambush marketing ;-)

    Scottish dancing - of course the question we are all asking is do you or don't you ? Photographic proof is not mandatory.

  2. No, I think I want to see photographic proof of a monkey dancing. There are a lot of things not worth doing if tired I have discovered as I get older.

    Tantalus, if you did the web page linked on your profile it is good work indeed. But I must say that after years of working as the weekend Pantry Chef at a French 4 star I now prefer my plates round and piled with food ladle sized dollops of simple food.

    It does look yummy though and I will have to whip up some Melanzane alla Parmigiana. Haven't made it in years. Enough cheese and cooking the eggplant when she can't see it and The Balloonatic will never know. Besides, everything tastes great breaded and fried!

    The arrabiata sounds like a great twist.I make mine with crushed red pepper flakes; chilli peppers make it too hot for the house.

  3. Hi Quilly

    Dave's not rising to the bait is he ?

    Mind you if he wears thermal knickers under his kilt in the southern regions (geographically not anatomically) we can't really blame him can we ?

    I betcha you a pound to a penny that Barbs has forbidden him from posting a pic ;-)

  4. Oy, I heard that! Actually at the dancing we all wear trousers, as it is far too cold for a kilt. As there are more females than males, some of them wear a tartan sash each dance to show that they are male.

    The second time we went I wore a tartan shirt, and threw several of the dancers, as they kept thinking I was being a boy!

    I will try to get a pic next week, so far we have been concentrating on getting the steps right, and have had no time out for frivolity.