Sunday, August 1, 2010


Ok thanks to Rosemary's Godsend printer intervention I've done the first hard-copy draft - and B is nearing the end of editing it - just as I finish printing. I'm dead beat, and I may be on Flinders but I might as well be in town, desk bound. It's not going to get a lot better until this is in. Anyway, step by step.

We still don't have a working oven and I have to do something about that soon as I feel if I don't the island sparky will probably never pull his finger out and get here. If I have the gas stove working I have a standby oven and he can be as slack as he pleases without irritating me.

We're out of 'desireable' fish - so when this is in, I'll have to undergo the hardship of fishing - or we'll be snaffling the cats dinner.

We also need to prepare for planting... a busy few days coming up, probably from Wednesday.

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