Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fish kebabs

Wow, I am having some fairly serious burnout issues, just getting my brain back into writing frame, let alone anything else. Anyway - I sent the book off to Eric. And today we went out to barbeque at Emita, despite one of the coldest day-time spells we've had. As usual I have no ordinary 'barbeque' type stuff in my freezer, so I made fish kebabs with some of the leatherjacket (AKA triggerfish) which work quite well for this - unlike most fish. The Leathetherjacket is quite - shall we say, sinewy for fish (meaning less so than fillet steak). It's tightly bound and won't just fall apart if it overcooks (or even just cooks) as many other fish would. I boiled until just tender bulb fennel and interspersed the fish cubes with that, which made for a lovely fennel flavouring to the fish - which was rather overpowered by a mariande of soy, ginger, sweet wine, pepper and a little oil. Next time I will do it with a light brush of oil - probably something neutral - and make sure i have charcoal and not gas. I took salsa verde, but I think it will go exceptionally with satay sauce. On a score of 1-10, about 5 for enjoyability as is, but an 8 for texture and cooking quality of the material.

Tomorrow looks like some trevally catching early and then the PO and sorting out the Melbourne arrangments for worldcon, and maybe finally some garden work, before reviewing where I go next with the writing.


  1. Just wondering -- squid and octopus are common bbq fodder around these parts, but I'm not sure how Flinder folk would appreciate them. I do remember a Boston bbq where several people were pretty surprised by our contribution. Which just meant there was more for me to eat :-)

  2. I'm not sure Mike - I suspect not. Pity because they're really good and quick. BTW had some 'kombu' tonight. Not bad :-)

  3. draft is good - and I certainly anjoyed the antics of Francisco. Also I was amused by the "Eric insert exciting sea battle here, Misty do scrying thing here" bits.

    PS While small boats may be dingy, indeed they frequently are if well used and poorly maintained, I think the word you wanted was dinghy...