Friday, August 20, 2010


It's doing the kind of winter weather that leaves a man wondering what he spent his summer wages on. The kind of thing I feared for all winter long. Gales and driving rain interspersed with less rain. Not actually freezing but the wind is blowing off melting snow. Wind not interspersed, except with more wind. The TV weather has warnings for snow, wind, rain, floods, ice, road conditions, hikers, sheep and probably if they thought of it, Flinders Island Fantasy and Science Fiction writers getting cabin fever. I must admit, on the basis of a mere 7 months, I'd say August would be a great month to not visit Flinders, as it's been the first month in which the miserable weather has gone on day after day for 3-4 days. Normally you have rapidly changing weather rather than any sort of set in.

Anyway, I believe it's elections tomorrow. I will wander into town just to have a look see, even if we can't yet participate.


  1. Winter does seem to be coming later for us Southern Australians in the 21st Century.

    [I hope you enjoy the weather for tomorrow. I've been testing the northern edge of it for you, and it doesn't look like it will be much of a change from today.]

    Looking forward to your observations as an outsider about the election and the state of politics (and sausage sizzles) in Australia.

  2. I would think that such weather would appeal to Scottish heritage. A cold wind that smells like snow whipping down from the Highlands and across the heather.