Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cat-upmanship and preparations

Robin has taken to coming into the lounge and mewing pitifully when she sees Bat is already on B's lap. She misses Clare in nice soft jersey. B calls her and she goes and stands like a rejected flower among the birthday cards on the half-moon table and sulks. On hte other hand SHE is queen of B's computer-chair - which she does circuits up the back (claws out) and then bumps across the keyboard, onto the floor and up again.

My first tomato seeds have germinated, Grosse Lisse, Black Russian, and Rouge Marmande. :-)

My bloods results came in... 0.1 up - fractionally higher total cholesterol. Yeah. Wallaby, fish, shellfish, fresh veg - So much for diet. On the other hand the proportions had altered substantially, which is good - my 'good' cholesterol had improved and my 'bad' gone down a bit. Only the Good had gone up ).1 more than bad went down, raising the total. Dr Biren asked about family medical history and told me to keep an eye on it, but not to panic. The rest of the stuff as all good.

In the meantime I am trying to prep for the con, and trying to think what to read! I am reading, and on 3 panels (should be on a 4th but I have flown out).

Anyone wanting to meet up - This is where I'll be:
Thu 1500 Rm 201: Signing
Thu 1700 Rm 216: The imaginary zoo: creating fictional wildlife;
Fri 1300 Rm 207: Reading;
Sun 1000 Rm 207: The problems with first contact;
Sun 1600 Rm 204: Where do elves come from?;

I recommend the signing as time to chat, as I expect it'll be quiet. And I'll happily sign your programme or whatever.

This all means our blog post will be erratic to non-existant for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'll TRY. But I am not sure what if any access I will be able to get.


  1. I rather like the idea of scheduling two people for readings in the same hour - makes sure that at least one person turns up! Are you reading from your latest?

  2. um. I was thinking of reading a couple of short snippets - my favourite piece of the two amoral dragons, Bitar and Smitar, discussing the shortage of American virgins, (overhunted, should be bag limits), and perhaps a piece out of Slow Train to Arcturus. The latest is the 5th in a series.

  3. Yay! Bitar and Smitar!

    Do that skunk bit. :D