Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New stove!

After a fairly sleepless night, looking after an elderly dog, his younger companion, a cat and a horse, I am not at my best today.

Being out in the country made me realise how much I enjoy electricity. Where we end up needs to have enough power, from whatever source, so that I can boil a kettle at will, run the computer, deep freeze etc etc. I find I cannot do without them, which is a wonderful lesson to have learnt, and not the hard way, either.

At lunch time a strange vehicle drove in, and delivered a stove, which the occupants were going to leave on the verandah, 'for the moment'. We were so pleased to see them, and maybe our faces showed our lack of faith in 'for the moment' being anything short of a month, that they brought it in and installed it. So we at last have 4 working plates, as well as an oven and a grill that work. Now Dave can really go all out on the cooking front.


  1. Mmm, I like having power. I couldn't cope without it in winter here. Ditto with water, year round ...

  2. I've lived without power, and I would miss it now that I've gotten used to it! Most especially the computer ;)