Thursday, August 12, 2010

Net Nou

Which is a joke only a handful of South Africans will get, symbolic of my frustration today, as Skype was working but the net and e-mail not. And help was not available. Turns out it was Bigpond device, as the mobile senders had been down for repair, needed to be switched off and left and then switched on. I had been trying that with the computer, which is giving gyp because of windows #$@#ing updates and me liking pre-historic software (which works, is more friendly than MSWord, and I know it well. And wasn't made by microsoft as another plus.)They're also fighting with AIM.

Anyway, got the driftwood - flotsam planks scavenged off the beach - organised into another raised bed, and moved the plastic planters (made from old drums) out of the corridors between the existing beds, where they were a serious PITA. In the process I found one of them had about 40 parsley plants in it (not 3 as I thought), and so planted out those. I hadn't been able to do more than reach the parsley to crop it a bit before. I am extending the veggie patch a bit. Probably not enough, but there are limits to my time. I also did some prep reading for book proposals (get myself into the arena of that type of book). It was very strange to read without feeling guilty... so I failed and felt guilty anyway.

We've booked our flights for Worldcon in Melbourne as we have (great relief) a house sitter. And we had fishcakes for dinner... the exciting lives of the country cousins :-)


  1. Seems an awful lot of trouble to get yourself all the way to Flinders so that you can have an easy hop to the WorldCon.

  2. easy, but not cheap! I could fly from Melbourne to New Zealand for a fair bit less!

  3. Oh, but that is only ONE of the reasons to live here! Today the sun is shining in a wonderful pale blue sky, so it is not too hot to garden, but the washing is drying apace, and it is just sooo beautiful, and calm, and peaceful!

    I do not do political type stuff, but back home in our old community this Fri 13 does not look like being a good day. My thoughts and prayers are with them all, I hope they win through the day.