Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kelp pic

Anyone knowing species or more about this - this is the frond - it is attached to a long hollow stalk which is attached to the bottom.
Matchbox for scale.


  1. She took one look and said, "That's WAKAME!" Although she also said, "Ask him if it is kind of soft? Konbu is thicker, and hard." And she and her sister are now threatening to send preparation instructions and various recipes...

    FWIW, wikipedia has an article about wakame

    It says Undaria pinnatifida?

  2. It's quite hard, softening on cooking. Wakame does occur in Tas - but I think not here, yet. I think it might be Ecklonia sp. (related but not the same as either Konbu or wakame). Didn't kill us, and was not unpleasant.

  3. This caused furious muttering. I wonder if we can mail you a package of dried seaweed?

  4. Umm, No, please don't. They are really fanatic about introducing stuff that is not already here. We do not want to get into trouble with customs yet. But thanks for the thought, we would love to try it sometime...

  5. Perhaps YOU can mail MIKE some dried seaweed??? More power to the customs/quarantine folk, Australia is the only continent on earth that the Varroa mite of honeybees hasn't succeeded yet in getting to. I wonder what other globalized pests they have kept out?