Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The three visit day!!!

Wow, to think we came here for a peaceful and relaxing life.

Today I have visited 'town' three times. I had a CWA meeting this afternoon, and I am proud to announce that I am now a fully fledged member. We are doing Wales this year, so we ate Welsh rock cakes, which were delicious, and I have brought the recipe home, in case Dave wants to try it.

Unfortunately the meeting did not tie in well with the library times, and this weeks librarian needed my police clearance for her other 'hat' on the Meals on Wheels committee, so that was a separate trip, and I got a good looking book out of the library while I was there.

Then this evening we went to the pub for tea. It was (I think) the annual dinner for the Meals on Wheels people, so we knew most of the diners, but met some new faces as well. I ordered steak, as that is not something that comes up on our table at home at the moment. But I did not think to order a half portion. Well, 3 steaks arrived on my plate, jostling for space with the chips, and totally overwhelming a large helping of fresh salad, with lots of greens. One gentleman at the table bet I could not finish, and he was right in the end, but I did my best, and I really feel I have let my old country down, but there was a small piece of steak left, and the cucumber from the salad, when I finally retired defeated.

But it was a fun evening, with a lot of friendly teasing and laughing. We thought we might be lonely, having no social life here, so far from all our old friends. We miss our friends of course, and would love everyone to come over and visit us often, but lonely we are certainly not. We have been so welcomed by the islanders as a whole, it has been an eye opener for us. We have been warned that the first year is easy and then it gets harder once we are no longer the new faces in town, but at least we are enjoying it all so far.

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  1. In all honesty, I think if you ever did discover a truly peaceful and relaxing life, you wouldn't know what to do with it...